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A Good Likeness A Good Likeness weaves historical, political, religious and psychological thought into a personal narrative of the hopes, ‘what-ifs' and discoveries of the author’s quest to find his biological parents. A wonderful, multifaceted voyage-of-discovery book … moving and often hilarious. Literary Review

Beyond the personal journey this is also a passionate and deeply political examination of loss, bereavement and identity. How do we know who we are? Do we have a right to know? Are we in fact born or made? Paul Arnott handles these big questions in the same way a great novelist would: here are the themes; now go and think. His writing is dazzling, and it will be a shame if more books do not follow this one.

The Independent on Sunday

This moving journey of self-discovery is charted with wit, generosity and a disarming lack of sentimentality. But it is more than just a personal record. It is a thoughtful and provoking look at the many ramifications of adoption as well as being a plea to improve current practice, to acknowledge the role of the adoptive parent and to re-examine the rights of birth parents to know the children they once gave up.

The Times

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Let Me Eat CakeLet Me Eat Cake: One of the funniest books of the year. Financial Times

Arnott writes extremely well, icing his prose with subtle, ironic humour. A funny, informative, highly enjoyable confection that offers much instant gratification.

Daily Mail

Arnott is a fine historian, the union of cake and communal identity perfectly illustrated in the chapter on Sachertorte, the mighty Viennese treat. He is adept at telling such wonderful stories but more importantly it’s his warm, affectionate take on growing up, and out, that makes this such a lovely book. The Independent on Sunday

As you read on, Arnott keeps pulling you back to the past. He’s an expert nostalgist - when he takes you back to the 1970s, he tells you about things that were old even then. This is a lovely book – Arnott has written a story that is by turns thoughtful and comforting and nostalgic as hell.  The Guardian

Intriguing facts about the history of Battenberg cake and golden syrup punctuate the delightful memoir of the lost patterns of a Seventies childhood, sharpened by Arnott’s dry wit. The Observer

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Children's London

Evening Standard Children's London
All you ever wanted to know but were too frantic to check out about fun places for children to go in and around the capital is scrupulously detailed... from museums and galleries to theme parks and workshops... Parents could soon regard Evening Standard Children's London with the reverence tourists have for the A to Z.
What's On

Absolutely wonderful... a real life-saver when my children appeared to be dying of boredom.
India Knight

Armed with this you'll be inspired to have more adventurous days with your children, confident that you'll know what's in store when you get there."
Our Baby


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