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Lydia ConwayLydia Conway: Producer / Writer
With a background in journalism, Lydia Conway has written about complex often controversial subjects. These include alcohol related suicide, epidemics amongst the Alaskan Inuits, the hypocrisy of the anti-fur trade, and the real green issues in schools.

She worked for the Evening Standard for seven years and had two books published by them, and has written for The Independent, The Times, Daily Telegraph, Mail on Sunday as well as numerous monthly and weekly magazines.

She lives in England but was born in San Francisco from Irish American roots. With Paul Arnott she is a co-director of Edenwood Productions.

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Paul ArnottPaul Arnott Director / Producer
Paul is the Creative Director of Moondance Productions. As a TV and Film Producer he helmed C4’s coverage of Cannes, Edinburgh, the Oscars, the Booker Prize and festivals from Bangalore to New York, as well as series editing a Channel 4 daily arts show for Mentorn.

As executive producer he went on to set up Guardian TV. Through his own company, Edenwood he produced a feature film with the RSC for Miramax and Channel 4 of A Midsummer Night’s Dream and produced/directed arts documentaries for BBC and Channel 4.

As Executive Producer of Moondance he made a documentary for RTE on Rowan Gillespie.

He had made complex historical stories into critically acclaimed books. A Good Likeness (Little Brown) was a personally driven history of adoption from an Irish family into an English one.  Let Me Eat Cake (Sceptre), is a confessional history of sugar and confectionery.
Is Anybody Up There
(Sceptre ’08) is a personal history of every god, sect, creed, and faith known to man.


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